A bit of history…

A brief history… 5 MARS RV is a young and dynamic company, that wants to transfer its passion through simplicity, practically and accessibility to all travelers.

In 2009 Mr. Christian Cinq-Mars, Founder and creator of the company undertakes the creation of the very first 5 MARS model known as the ILLUSION. With a great success and innovation, the ILLUSION revolutionizes the entire North American recreational vehicle market, thus creating demands from all over the continent so people can realize their quest for freedom.

AT 5 MARS RV we are proud to offer a product in constant evolution, thanks to the comments and suggestions received from our customers that we greatly appreciate. Each employee plays a key role in the making of this project and our goal is to create the ideal travel partner for you.

In order to minimize our footprint and to help preserving our planet, we have once again revolutionized the market with a fleet of Hybrid vehicles.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you make your dream trip come true!

Escape to a dream destination