Quality and innovation is non-negotiable for Mr. Cinq-Mars

Already in childhood, Christian Cinq-Mars had the chance to travel with his parents. As far as he can go, these memories are happy and full of freedom.

In 2003, Christian Cinq-Mars acquired a RV in Texas. His return trip to Montreal will result in the realization of this great passion he brings to the world of VR.

Christian has always been an entrepreneur, but in 2003, he decided to get fully involved in the RV field. Barely five years later, he began to design his first RV: the ILLUSION.

This model is completely innovative. It is small and it is versatile. The primary mission of Mr. Cinq-Mars is to offer the opportunity to more people to own a recreational vehicle. Indeed, the ILLUSION is a vehicle for everyday life in addition to being the best buddy for a road trip.

By launching this model, Mr. Cinq-Mars does not hide his love for the RV WESTFALIA and in 2014 he realizes the design of an even more versatile model that can accommodate up to 4 people : the IMAGINE. Quality and innovation is non-negotiable for Mr. Cinq-Mars.

To date, 5 MARS RV continues to improve the manufacture of each vehicle and Christian Cinq-Mars projects are at their begin. The company’s universe reflects the vision of his owner. It is colorful, marginal and free: we are PEACE AND LOVE!