Car air vent fan RV roof vent 12 volt led

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11″ 14″
Price 430 $ 450 $
Product ID 0100484 0100570
Dimensions 360 × 360 x 175 mm 420 x 420 x 182 mm
Cut-out Dimensions 280 × 280 mm 340 x 340 mm(max: 380 x 380 mm)
Installation Thickness 51-100 mm 38-95 mm
Voltage 12V 12V
Power 5W 5-30W ajustable
Current 0.4A 0.5-2.5A
Air Flow Volume 8 CBM/Min 10-22 CBM/Min
RMP 1000-1800/Min 1000-1800/Min
Fan Blade 10 10
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  1. Casing made of imported plastic raw material, long-lasting and anti-yellowing
  2. Motor made of pure copper core, reliable and highly efficient
  3. Fan with 10 blades, running more stable and more quiet
  4. Equipped with stainless steel /anti-rust insect screen
  5. Intake and exhaust
  6. Controller, rain sensor
  7. Thermostat
  8. LED light
  9. Stepless Speed Adjustable(Push button)


  • 1.5 m2 or above electric wires are required
  • Red wire connects the battery positive terminal
  • Black wire connects the battery negative terminal
  • Blue wire connects the brake line. When the parking brake lever is released, the sunroof is closed. When the parking brake lever is engaged, the vent fan will exhaust air as soon as the temperature is high.

High voltage protection. When the voltage exceeds over 16V, beep sound every second and all keys disabled.
Low voltage protection. When the voltage is lower than 8V or not enough power, buzzer keeps ringing.

6-level speed adjustment. On Level 0, fan is not working. The fan will first stop still before switching to either air supply or
air exhaust mode

  • Level 1, Power: 4W, quiet, suitable for night sleep
  • Level 2, Power: 8W, quiet
  • Level 3, Power: 14W, Low noise
  • Level 4, Power: 22W, Little noise
  • Level 5, Power: 30W, Strong, fast air refreshing and cooling
  • Level 6, Power: 40W, Super strong, fast cooling


Informations complémentaires

Dimensions 36 × 36 × 17.5 cm

11", 14"